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Meet the "Fish Guy"

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Rob "The Fish Guy" Williams

Awesome Aquatics Owner

"My dad had an aquarium when I was a kid and I just thought it was the coolest thing ever."

Rob "The Fish Guy" Williams has loved aquariums his entire life.

Rob was 9 years old when he got his first fish, a betta, and hasn't been without an aquarium since. He currently has 35 aquariums, filled with his favorite fish, which he competitively shows as a member of the Greater Akron Aquarium Society.

Aquarium keeping had always been a hobby for him, but in 2021, he turned an "awesome" hobby into a business, Awesome Aquatics. 

Rob's vision is to make aquarium ownership simple, affordable and worry-free for his clients. He provides design, installation, leasing and maintenance for home and business. 

He earned his title "The Fish Guy" after donating an aquarium to Briarfield Manor in Austintown, Ohio. The residents there, some elderly and declining mentally, would see him and say, "Oh, it's the fish guy; the fish guy is here." The residents sit in front of the tank for hours watching the fish. 

Rob is a graduate of Niles McKinley High School in Niles, Ohio, where he played xylophone in the marching band. He also works part-time at Olive Garden in Niles and is the videographer for the Lakeview Bulldogs Marching Band. 


In his free time, he enjoys exchanging information and learnings from fishkeeping with other hobbyists and sharing his love of aquariums with others. 

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