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Home of the $1 per gallon maintenance

Awesome Aquatics brings that personal, professional touch to aquarium maintenance. We specialize in making aquarium ownership affordable. With our leasing program, we've made it easy for our customers to make their aquatic dreams a reality. With a low up front investment and a $1 per gallon maintenance plan, you can sit back and enjoy your aquarium while we handle the chores! We offer consultations, design, installation and maintenance. We can be as hands-on or carefree as you would like. From desktop aquariums to large, in-wall displays, we do it all. Visit our gallery and check out our videos on YouTube to see some of our work. We like meeting new clients and seeing the space and surrounding environment so we can begin to envision what your fish oasis can look like. Contact us today to get started!

Girl at Aquarium


Design and Installation

Awesome Aquatics offers design consultation and aquarium installation for your home or business. We work closely with each customer to transform a vision into a reality. We use only the highest quality equipment, technology and livestock available to fit your budget. We cater to the beginning hobbyist or a customer seeking an advanced aquarium build. Contact us today to get started!

Worry-free Maintenance

With our $1 per gallon maintenance plan, you can sit back and enjoy your aquarium while we handle the chores! We provide aquarium cleaning and regularly scheduled professional maintenance to keep your aquarium healthy and your fish happy. In addition to just cleaning your tank, we'll test the levels and adjust naturally as needed as well as troubleshoot any problems you or your fish may be experiencing. We can also help with cycling, algae problems, chemistry issues, illness or pest infestation. Contact us today to get started!

Gold Fish in Water


Fish in Aquarium


All-Inclusive Leasing

Our leasing program helps make aquarium ownership affordable, incredibly easy and hassle free. We offer several tank setups to choose from. All leases include aquarium, stand, filtration, lighting, decorations and your choice of selected livestock. We even handle to food, maintenance and a full warranty for the life of the program. Contact us today to get started!

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